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Carolina and Jeff

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Our Story

On a starry night in Arizona, Carolina and Jeff's love story began to unfold.

Carolina, who moved from Brazil to California, found herself on the move once again. This time to Florida, when her plans took an unexpected turn, leading her to discover a new home in Arizona—a place that would become the backdrop to her greatest love story.

On their first date, May 18, 2022, Jeff, the man who would become the love of Carolina's life, took her to a place where the desert met the sky, and the stars painted a celestial masterpiece. Underneath the stars, the couple shared a magical moment that would forever change their lives—a first kiss that ignited a spark that would never fade.

From that day forward, Carolina and Jeff were inseparable. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and on June 21, 2023, Jeff got down on one knee and asked Carolina the most important question of their lives.

Carolina said yes! And so, the journey towards their happily ever after began. Now, with the same anticipation and excitement that filled that starry night, they eagerly await the day they will exchange vows and become partners for life.

On the same day they first met, two years later, Carolina and Jeff can't wait to share this special day with the people who have become part of their journey—a journey that started with a single date under the Arizona stars and led to a lifetime of love, laughter, and shared dreams.